How We Work


Reach out to us with an idea. This initial scoping process may be as simple as a few emails back and forth, or it may include a more in-depth consultation. If we think we can help, we'll get back to you with a Scope of Work. If we don't think we can help, we'll reach out to our network to see if we can find someone who can.

Project Scoping

The Scope of Work will describe specific tasks and deliverables that Convene North will provide to you and a timeline for fulfilling those tasks. It will identify the team members who will contribute to the project, their responsibilities, and their rates. The Scope of Work will also provide an estimate of the hours required to complete the tasks and deliverables as described. On average our projects work on hourly rates, however some projects can be billed on a quarterly basis or per-task basis. See more about rates on the How We Work page.

Scope of Work

Once the Scope of Work approved by the client and signed by Convene North, a contract will be provided to assure both parties.


Let the fun begin! Our team meticulously logs their time to ensure maximum value for client work. Invoicing frequency will be outlined in the contract.

Doing the work

Final deliverables are sent to you on time, as outlined in the Statement of Work. If a final report is required for your organization or your funders, let us know ahead of time and we'll provide a final report of our work.

Wrap up & Reporting