Convene North







Convene North seeks positive change for Northern communities aided by technology and supported by a suite of soft skills including project management, documentation, outreach, and communication.


– Facilitate

Convene North will facilitate community efforts to bring the power of technology to bear on the complex problems facing Northern people, and the Northern natural environment.

– provide added value

Convene North will add value to community efforts by expanding outreach, providing organizational support, and deepening impact.

– grow a network

Convene North is part of a network of people who believe in making change in Northern communities. Convene North will draw from and strengthen this  network through our work.

– see change

Convene North seeks incremental but measurable changes in mentality, in community-know-how, and in social norms for more resilient Northern communities.


“We need solutions that harness the speed  and efficiency of modern technology,  tempered by the measured heartbeat of our communities.”

Vanessa Raymond  | Founder



Convene North was created to serve Alaskan and Northern communities in solving real world problems by improving access to & understanding of web-based technologies, micro-computing, and more. Convene North can support communities by providing the following services: planning, strategy, documentation, security compliance, project management, networking, communication strategy, event planning, STEM outreach, and training.


Why "Convene North"?

Convene captures the philosophy and process of our work. When we say "convene" we mean to gather and discuss a particular issue, on equal footing and as equal voices. This mode of face-to-face collaborative change-making is sometimes undervalued in our modern era, particularly in tech spheres. 

North is a direction, a region, and a cultural identity that exists in relation to other regional identities. By describing our work as being designed for and originating from the north, we allow our team to work on issues that are not only Alaskan, not only Arctic, and not only North American in nature. Acknowledging that our communities are as interconnected as our ecosystems, the North focuses our work without limiting it.


As settlers and outsiders the Convene North team aims to continually expand and deepen our support of indigenous rights, particularly in regards to the ways that technology interacts with indigenous communities. 



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