Services We Offer


Planning & Strategy

Convene North can join you at any phase of your project, but to be honest the part we love the most is the initial project creation and strategy. We believe that a clear vision and a solid (but flexible) plan can save untold amounts of time, money, and stress down the line. Bring Convene North in to work with your team on identifying clear goals, a vision that feels right, team composition, project proposal planning. 


Bring us your writing projects; big or small. Convene North can work with you and your project team to write everything from mission statements to final reports, funding proposals to FISMA compliance documentation, tweetstorms to five-year plans.

Project Management

Setting goals, identifying tasks, planning daily work, we can help with that. Let us know what sort of project and what sort of team you have, and we can provide just the right amount of structure and guidance for your needs.

Event Planning

Event planning is a skill, and we're happy to add polish and preparation to your community event. Drop us a line and let us know how we can help - whether it's pulling off a fundraising gala to support STEM in the schools, running a three-day hackathon to build apps for the borough, a conference bringing policymakers and scientists together to discuss air quality, or an after-school program teaching girls to code, we can help. 

With experience both inside and outside of the classroom, the Convene North approach to education and training is hands-on, immersive environment that encourages exploration and discussion. Let us help you bring new skills and new insights to K - 12 or lifelong learners.

WOrkshops & trainings




Our team members and experts in our network have different hourly rates depending on their background, their experience, and the task required.


Some projects will need continuous or intermittent effort over a longer period of time, for example project management or managing a social media account. In these situations the Convene North team will determine an appropriate rate that accounts for the duration of the task, amount of effort required for the task, and the expertise required.  This rate will be clearly identified in the Scope of Work.



If a project requires travel, Convene North bills the client according to distance traveled  in a day and whether it requires the team member to sleep away from home.


All project expenses are pre-approved by the client. Convene North will use best efforts to maximize cost efficacy.